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Decentralized Ecosystem

A short introductory article on the rise of Decentralised Finance & ImpulseVen Project

Blockchain Technology can reduce transaction cost, be immutable, generate distributed trust and empower Decentralised platforms, potentially setting the base for a Decentralised Business Model. We have never thought of having another financial model apart from the traditional one. But modern technologies are changing the financial landscape and we should all leverage on these technologies to eliminate inefficiencies of the traditional financial system.

For the moment, BTC price is the main talk of the town but Defi too has made enormous growth and its Market Capitalisation has already reached USD 25B. When we look back at the various cases of Centralised exchange hacking, investors’ confidence has fallen and are now looking up to Decentralised Exchange(DEX). Why is it so? The main advantage of using a DEX is that the assets are being kept within the investors’ wallets and the ownership remains with the investors. Investors feel more comfortable when their digital assets are being kept with them rather than transferring the same to a Centralised Exchange. In addition to this, investors have the possibility to stake their digital assets and earn some passive dividend.

In a decentralised business model, more power is being given to investors rather than an intermediary institution. The potential of having more people being financially included is huge.

For the second part of this article, we will learn more about a promising DeFi Project known as ImpulseVen . What is ImpulseVen Project? Impulseven is a Defi project built on the Ethereum Block-chain system that creates a new decentralized exchange allowing users to swap tokens. The token is Deflationary on every swap made on the DEX. Token holders can also stake their VEN token or other tokens to earn staking rewards. It is understood that the rewards are withdrawable at any time.

Impulseven will feature a decentralized exchange that is focused on cross-chain & non-custodial transactions and a lending Platform that allows borrowers to deposit their digital assets as collateral and take stable currencies against them at a minimum percentage of interest. It will also feature a flexible smart contract for payment distribution and bill collection based on digital signature dynamics of various accounts and this offers huge potential to the global market.

The Impulseven project will focus on building these three primary functions as part of the first phase. Its mission is to simplify the transaction process between people around the world by offering an alternative to the expensive middlemen generally required in these specific types of transactions. Impulseven is a foundational DeFi layer that will change the landscape of financial transactions.

So, based on the above summary, ImpulseVen project is one to follow in the DeFi industry.

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Date: 20th January 2021

Written by: Impulseven Communication Team

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IMPULSEVEN is a Defi Exchange,Staking & Lending Platform.