ImpulseVen Staking starting on 3rd April 2021

1 min readMar 24, 2021


Thank you for following us through the different stages of the Pre-Sale, Private Sale and Public Sale which took place in partnership with YFDAI and DuckDAO! All happened in a flash of light and we are now heading to the next step being the ImpulseVen Staking with YFDAI.

For the ImpulseVen Staking with YFDAI, here are some key points to remember about this important step:

For 72hrs Lock — Daily 0.125% for APY 42%

For 90-day Lock — Daily 0.163% for APY 55%

YFDAI Staking (Limited to 180 days) — Monthly Reward of 25,000 VEN*

*YFDAI staking fees rewarded 50% to VEN stakers / farmers and 50% to yfdai Last Man Standing winners.

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IMPULSEVEN is a Defi Exchange,Staking & Lending Platform.