Impulseven’s New Ticker and Brand Refresh

3 min readMay 11, 2021


This week, we made the announcement to our community that we were undergoing a brand refresh here at Impulseven, and we’re kicking things off by changing our ticker!

This news was lovingly welcomed by the amazing members of the Impulseven community, and we’d like to thank you all for your positive comments, support and appreciation. We also saw some of the more creative folks in our community channel suggesting a number of great ticker names. We appreciate all the suggestions and we’ve been paying close attention to the good ones. It’s heartwarming to see the concern you’re all showing for what we’re building here at Impulseven, and what we’re all building together in this amazing DeFi!

As you know, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build our DeFi ecosystem, and while we have made some great progress, it has become apparent that our ticker and our brand need to evolve with us.

As a quick reminder, Impulseven is a user-friendly, decentralized finance platform that enables financial products and services to be accessed by all. Impulseven’s complete DeFi ecosystem offers a full range of solutions that include lending, staking, farming, trading and a decentralized exchange (DEX) in one location.

As the first project in the space to combine this all-in-one DeFi ecosystem with our famous AI arbitrage trading bot, we know the importance of a unique ticker to represent us that stands out just as much as our project does.

After we were made aware that Hub Culture also uses VEN for their token’s ticker, we’ve decided to not only change our ticker, but the entire look and feel of our brand to match! We’re doing this not only to avoid any confusion for people looking for our token, but to further cement the value of our product with a modern design overhaul that will be sure to improve the experience for all of our users.

We want to take a quick moment here to reiterate that Impulseven is in no way related to Hub Culture, even though we currently share the same ticker. That said, we’re excited to announce that we are currently in discussions with Hub Culture about a possible strategic partnership.

We want to assure our amazing community of supporters, investors and stakeholders that we are working in your best interests, and that these changes are all being made with you squarely in mind. Our name might be changing, but our goals have not: to technically revolutionize the whole blockchain industry; to improve the financial situation of people across the globe; and to make something that will truly change the DeFi game.

We shall soon be running a voting contest for our new ticker within our community channel. Our community’s voice matters, and your participation in choosing the new ticker is valuable to us. So, make sure to stay connected with us via our social media channels to be the first to hear about this, and other exciting news we have coming. Rest assured, all the links for our social media and website will remain unchanged.

Watch this space: we are all about to go on an amazing journey together!

Impulseven Team.

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