The ImpulseVen DEX: An innovation to accelerate adoption

3 min readApr 12, 2021

Discover our cost-effective and consumer-friendly decentralized exchange

The DeFi industry has been experiencing significant growth in 2021, and most within the industry are confident that this will continue. However, the rate of this growth is getting held back by a range of persistent issues and finding solutions to these issues has become a top-priority for many DeFi players.

When we studied the market, we noticed that one of these core issues was cost. Despite various evolutions within the industry, transaction fees appear to remain a significant barrier for entry for everyday DEX users. Because of this, DEXs remain a niche market sector and the need for a more cost-effective and consumer-friendly product that can match public interest has become even greater.

The changes needed in the DeFi industry will be driven by the introduction of new innovations, such as layer-two scaling solutions, improved automated market maker (AMM) models and atomic swaps. A DEX that is able to implement all of these things into a user interface that even relatively inexperienced consumers can confidently use will have a serious advantage in this growing market.

These are some of the reasons why ImpulseVen has crafted and developed the ImpulseVen DEX, a fourth-generation exchange platform with an advanced orderbook model supporting derivatives as well as other trading needs. The exchange of crypto assets on the ImpulseVen DEX is governed by a smart contract that works as an escrow service that will finalize every transaction only after all requirements to eliminate counterparty risk are satisfied. It also supports staking, a hallmark in DeFi ecosystems that allows users to lock their tokens, and in return earn returns in the form of staking rewards.

Features of ImpulseVen DEX

  • Intuitive user experience. ImpulseVen DEX features an easy-to-use interface through which users can trade spot swaps and futures in a permissionless fashion. For added reliability and execution speed, the platform implements an off-chain orderbook model where orders are matched before they are committed to the blockchain for execution and settlement. ImpulseVen DEX orderbooks are maintained on ImpulseVen chain nodes, ensuring maximized decentralization and censorship resistance, and ensuring all transactions on the platform are completely transparent.
  • Advanced settlement protocols. The implementation of Trade Execution Coordinators (TEC) increases reliability by enforcing price-time priority for all order executions while eliminating collisions and the possibility of front running. The TECs combines the best of Order Matching and Open Orderbook Relayer models to make trading more flexible, ensure liquidity, manage minimum spread and reduce fees.
  • Democratized trading. ImpulseVen DEX is designed to be a constantly evolving platform, and the decision-making process of many important functions related to trading activities will be democratized. Platform users will be able to add new derivative pairs for crypto assets, and if there is sufficient demand for such a pair among the community it may then become a permanent offering.
  • Simple swaps.An inbuilt ERC20 swap mechanism will allow traders to switch between assets on the fly to trade their desired derivative pairs.
  • Decentralized futures trading. Users will be able to open positions with up to 20x leverage on on-chain perpetual contracts with transparent fees and 24/7 guaranteed liquidity. The ImpulseVen Perpetual Protocol supports perpetual contracts for any asset, including DeFi tokens like WBTC, YFDAI and VEN.
  • Zero fees for the first 3 months after launch.

At ImpulseVen we are driven to make a difference in the DeFi industry, and we’re committed to constantly improving and bringing innovation to the DeFi community. Stay tuned for more developments on our official channels and community groups.We would love to see you there.

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