The new Impulseven ticker & details on the brand refresh

3 min readJun 2, 2021


The rationale behind our brand refresh

We are working on an exciting new brand refresh at Impulseven, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the feedback and positivity from our community.

Thank you for all your support and appreciation through this transition. Our community channel has been flooded with hundreds of awesome ticker suggestions: just more proof of how amazing the Impulseven community is. It’s heart-warming to see the extremely thoughtful and creative community input we’ve been getting on our journey to revolutionize the DeFi industry.

We are working hard behind the scenes to build out our DeFi ecosystem, and with the great strides we’ve made on this journey we realized that our ticker and our brand needed to evolve with us.

As a quick reminder, Impulseven is a user-friendly, decentralized finance platform that enables everyone to access financial products and services. Impulseven’s complete DeFi ecosystem offers a full range of solutions that include lending, staking, farming, an arbitrage trading bot and a decentralized exchange (DEX) all in one user-friendly location.

What truly sets us apart though isn’t just our game-changing complete DeFi ecosystem, but also our famous AI arbitrage trading bot. With this in mind, we needed a brand and ticker that could properly reflect how different we were from the competition.

It is exciting crafting our fresh new image, and we cannot wait to see your reactions. We needed something that truly stood out from the crowd, so this brand refresh involved not only the logo and ticker, but also the look and feel of the brand as a whole. We believe that what we’ve developed is in harmony across all these aspects, and presents a powerful new face, full of personality.

We’ve got a tonne of huge announcements lined up to coincide with the big reveal. New product launches, more listings, partnerships, marketing activities, community engagement programs and other surprises will all be following the release of our new brand. We want as many people as possible to see our sexy new look, so we’re going to be generating a lot of noise in the crypto space and attracting a lot of new faces to our community.

Our new ticker, as voted by our community

Our community proposed a wealth of great ticker names, and we scoured through every single one of them to find the winner.

We’re excited to announce the winning suggestion; the incredible new ticker that we really believe encapsulates our brand:


We’ve also designed a new i7 icon, which you may already be familiar with as it too was voted for by our community.

The creative rationale behind the i7 Ticker icon

The decision behind the i7 icon emerged from the nature of DeFi representing interconnected opportunities. DeFi connects people rather than organizations, and we wanted interconnectivity to be represented in our new brand identity. We chose the i and the 7 as key elements both to represent the brand but also the crypto ticker.

The i represents our community and the 7 represents the 7 elements of our DeFi infrastructure: 1. Staking, 2. Farming, 3. Trading, 4. Lending, 5. Borrowing, 6. Arbitrage trading, 7. Recurring Billing. i7 also nicely ties into the two concatenated words which make up our name, Impulse and Seven. The colour scheme and font choices were selected for their impact: it’s important that Impulseven stands out in the DeFi space both in terms of the offering and brand identity.

We are very proud of our fresh look to come, which we believe will help propel Impulseven to the next level. A strong identity gives credibility, strength, reputation, recognition and visibility, and we’re excited to be moving through the next steps in our roadmap with a fresh face.

Stay tuned for more updates on the reveal of Impulseven new brand identity and other exciting announcements via our social media channels!

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